College Senior photos (additional charges if I travel to the college) If you can get one other senior to book the same date as you and the time slot being right before or right after yours, then both of your travel fees will be reduced to half of the travel fee. If you can get 2 other seniors to book the same date as you and the time slots either right before or right after yours, then all 3 of you guys travel fees will be waved up to a 60 mile drive from me. If one happens to cancel then travel fee will apply as regular guidelines.

The Senior Experience

Congratulations on your Senior Year! This year is such a milestone year filled with so many excitements. Your memories from your senior year are sure to leave a lasting impression on you as you begin a new chapter in your life. This is a year to celebrate all that you have accomplished. Enjoy every minute of it and thank you for considering me to document this special time for you.

We strive to make every shoot an exciting and unforgettable experience that translates into unforgettable photos you will be proud to share for a lifetime. Bring your enthusiasm, your personality, your confidence and let’s make compelling Senior Photos for you. Either parent or student, this is such an exciting, incredible, unique time for a family, so of course finding the right photographer to capture those moments is important.

Senior sessions are approximately a 45 min to a 1 hour session with as many outfits that fit into the 45 min to 1 hour time frame. Two different background options will be offered if time allows. Or if one location offers more than one look, meaning that one particular location may offer multiple photo opportunities. If that is the case then one location will be sufficient. (Please discuss this with me before hand) .

As we plan and set up your session we will need to know a few things. Please message us with these answers.

If you could choose your location for your senior pictures or your background of choice where would you pick? (nature based session such as beautiful trees, rustic setting, country setting, downtown Jennings, LA, alley area, Sports area, in front of an old home, your family land, or other) If you don't really have a preference I can choose for you.

You may bring along items that shows off your most important personal interest such as (Sports Jacket, Senior ring, Cap, Gown, Tassel, Guitar or instruments, Sports equipment or uniform, your car or truck, hunting accessories or hunting attire, cheer or dance outfit). Your activities make up a big part of your high school years.

The best place to take senior pictures is a spot where we can get a good amount of natural light.

Senior - 200.00

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