When booking a session with us, I don't want the pampering to stop there!

Don't underestimate getting your hair styled by a hair stylist, or having your nails done for your photo session! I have found that if you feel beautiful, you also feel confident.

Treat yourself to the whole experience, You deserve it. You deserve this confident boost ladies. I can't say enough how much this type of session brings you confidence that you may not have had coming into your session!

I get that it might be an intimidating thought to get in front of a camera in a state where you feel most vulnerable.

It is hard to be able to love your body when there are so many impossible beauty standards out there. Boudoir is a chance to fully embrace your body for what it is and capture the very essence of you. I want to help the women with an experience that is all about them.

Prices are subject to change without notice. These photo sessions are done in my studio in Jennings, Louisiana. If you choose to have your photos taken at a different location, the price will change according to the mileage and the travel time.

Each photo session will come with a guaranteed 30-40 edited images. Images will be delivered to you via email from an online downloadable gallery. I will email you your session and from the comfort of your own home, you can simply open the email, and download the link (choose high resolution) and have your images in front of you. All final images are chosen by your photographer and will include a print release.

Subjects that wear glasses, let's talk for a moment. I feel like if you wear glasses on a regular basis then you may not feel or look like yourself without them. So therefore I do recommend still wearing them and not talking them off, but sadly I can't edit out glares, reflections, or can't change the appearance of the blue light, or the dark lens transition feature on the eye glasses. If you have an image that you absolutely love, I can possibly try to send the image off to get corrected at an estimated cost of $20 per image at the cost of the clients expense.

If you wish to have a CD instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $5 fee for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your CD.

If you wish to have an USB instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $20 fee for the cost of the USB, and for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your USB.

Boudoir -$350.00 - keep reading below

My pricing reflects the education, the hours of learning and doing, along with the amount of experience it has taken me to be able to create consistent images. Not to mention that the price also reflects what we are experiencing as a whole. If you have purchased anything recently whether it be groceries or gas then you have noticed increasing in prices for everything. It only makes sense that us small businesses take measures that reflect the economy to stay afloat also. When looking for your photographer, don't worry about spending less worry about getting great, solid images because these will be around forever.
I love that I get to preserve the details and the memories so that they may be treasured for years to come by my clients and your families.

Please click on the contract tab to read about our policy before booking.

Tips, Tricks, and Preparing for a session

Boudoir Photography - I want you to look and feel your best on your special day so here are some helpful things to keep in mind:

 Have lingerie that fits you properly. Think outside the box and use stuff you already have. My first client brought a scarf and a football jersey and it worked out well.

if you choose to go shopping don’t wait until last minute if shopping for new items. It can stress you out if you wait to long to get your outfits together.

 Do wear matching nail polish on fingers and toes.

 Do moisturize your skin in the morning

 Do bring a few outfits to be photographed in the more the better and we can narrow it down at the photo shoot. Bring extra stockings in case of runs.

 Prior to your session, try to remove any tight clothing, pony tail holders on your wrist, or anything that has tight straps or elastic to prevent these marks from appearing on your skin.

 Feel free to bring some fun items if you wish like example hats, whips, handcuffs, etc.

 Do stretch before you come to the session. Boudoir photography is a like a work out, it’s all about posture and to get the images/poses that look good can feel a little uncomfortable.

 Don’t drink too much alcohol the night before your shoot it’s dehydrating and will show in your skin.

 Don’t wear tight fitting clothes to attend the session as they can leave mark on the skin and can take hours to disappear. (Including watches, tight waistbands, hairbands etc.)

 Don’t be nervous or stressed, (extremely important for great pictures), and have a blast.

 Do bring sexy high heels, thigh high boots, also look awesome. A thinner heel and sole will lead to a slimmer overall look. Avoid clunky heels and wedges

 Do shave legs, underarms etc. the night before. If you are waxing do so at least 48 hours in advance.

 Feel free to bring husband/husband to be/partners shirt, hat or jacket, uniform etc. be creative

 Remove price tags/stickers from bottom of shoes, panties, bras and lingerie

 Fishnet pantyhose with large diamonds are slimming on larger legs

 Necklaces - chokers look great.

 Earrings can elongate your face. Long teardrop-shaped earring lengthens your face peals are prefect in this style.

 Scarves have skinny power. Colorful scarves around your neck draw attention to your face and hide double chins.

 Make up to make your face look thinner. Apply a light layer of bronzer around your chin, temples and below your cheekbones to contour your face.

 Stockings and pantyhose’s create lean legs. Dark coloured pantyhose slims legs especially when the rest of your outfit is the same colour.

 If you don’t like your arms or shoulders try bringing a scarf or an off the shoulder sweater

NO spray tans pretty please. I will not be able to edit out the orange skin tones out of all of those images. They may say that their solution doesn't turn your skin orange, but I have seen over and over again different results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most important one! I have cellulite/stretch marks/ bruise/ scratch or cut. Can you get rid of that? I will do my best to showcase your favorite features and deemphasize the areas that concern you. However I DO NOT photoshop, liquefy, airbrush or alter your physical features. I want this experience to be one of self-love and body acceptance. You should look at your photos and see your true beauty, not an altered version of yourself.

What about hair and makeup? Currently I do not provide hair and makeup, so you need to come with yours done.

Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits? You need to bring your own lingerie to the photo shoot. Select outfits that suit your personality and body shape, and complement your skin tone.

Will my photos be posted? Not unless you say it’s ok! Every client that will be posted on my Facebook page, or group will give me written permission to post her images. If you aren’t comfortable with any images being shared, that is completely fine, just let me know! Keep in mind when looking for sample photos. Not everyone is comfortable with their photos being posted so I can’t show a lot of examples.

I’m ready to book a shoot, what’s next? Once we set a date, you will need to pay via pay pal a non-refundable retainer to reserve your spot. When you pay I block off that time to shoot with you, thus turning away people interested in shooting that day.

What is your refund policy? non-refundable.

Where do the shoots take place? My location is indoors and I am located in Jennings, LA