Fresh 48

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

These sessions are shot with available light from the hospital and are a lifestyle session. This is not a traditional newborn session, I will not pose the baby or bring props. This will just be me capturing your baby's sweet new moments in a fresh and natural way! Image ideas may include but are not limited to: mom and baby, dad and baby, baby's feet and hands; mom, dad, and siblings interacting with baby, or simply gazing at each other! This session is not available for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family members, etc. This session is limited to photos of mom, dad, and siblings of the newborn.

Do you offer Birth Photography or Posed Newborn Photography along with Fresh 48 Sessions?

There is nothing quite like having photos from your labor and birth experience to cherish for eternity. Birth photography requires your photographer to be on call 24/7. For this reason, Reed Through The Lens Photography does not offer Birth Photography services at this time.

Posed newborn photography is done between 2-5 weeks after delivery and requires a very delicate and educated posing process involving props and outfits. At this time, Reed Through The Lens Photography does not offer Posed Newborn Photography.

The Fresh 48 option will give you special images to last a lifetime! With the option to clean up a bit, rest, eat a good meal, and get dressed after birth.

I do pre-book Fresh 48 Sessions according to your due date, but as soon as you have your baby please message me right away. The Fresh 48 Session will take place within the first 48 hours after birth during daylight hours. The sooner the better! This will take place at the hospital, or birthing center and will last approximately 40 minutes. A Fresh 48 Session is not meant to take the place of a newborn session. These are two unique experiences offering two wonderful keepsakes. Don't miss the opportunity to make time stand still with a Fresh 48 Session!

What's included?

Due to the unpredictability of labor it's important that we stay in touch leading up to your big day! Once your newborn is born you will contact me (the sooner the better) so that I can check my schedule. Sessions are about 40 minutes to an hour long, and they include 25-30 emotion-filled images that truly tell your family's story

You will receive a mix of black and white, as well as soft color images. You will also receive a sneak peek of your images via Facebook or Instagram for you to share with friends and family!

When booking this session with Reed Through The Lens Photography you will receive the babies milestone sessions (3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year) at a discounted rate of 125.00 per session (originally 140.00). Milestone sessions include baby ONLY.

Subjects that wear glasses, let's talk for a moment. I feel like if you wear glasses on a regular basis then you may not feel or look like yourself without them. So therefore I do recommend still wearing them and not talking them off, but sadly I can't edit out glares, reflections, or can't change the appearance of the blue light, or the dark lens transition feature on the eye glasses. If you have an image that you absolutely love, I can possibly try to send the image off to get corrected at an estimated cost of $20 per image at the cost of the clients expense.

Pricing for Fresh 48 Session - 325.00

An additional 100.00 fee will apply to hospitals 30-45 miles outside of Jennings, Louisiana.

My pricing reflects the education, the hours of learning and doing, along with the amount of experience it has taken me to be able to create consistent images. Not to mention that the price also reflects what we are experiencing as a whole. If you have purchased anything recently whether it be groceries or gas then you have noticed increasing in prices for everything. It only makes sense that us small businesses take measures that reflect the economy to stay afloat also. When looking for your photographer, don't worry about spending less worry about getting great, solid images because these will be around forever.
I love that I get to preserve the details and the memories so that they may be treasured for years to come by my clients and your families.

Do you want to purchase a video add on for this session? Videos can be added on for an additional $400. I will need to know this ahead of time to prep for your video session.

When booking your Fresh 48 or Lifestyle Newborn Session through Reed Through The Lens Photography, you will receive special discounted pricing on your newest additions Milestone Sessions!

Prices are subject to change without notice. All photo session locations will be within 10 miles of Jennings, Louisiana. If you choose to have your photos taken at a different location, the price will change according to the mileage and the travel time.

Each photo session will come with a guaranteed 20-25 edited images. Images will be delivered to you via email from an online downloadable gallery. I will email you your session and from the comfort of your own home, you can simply open the email, and download the link (choose high resolution) and have your images in front of you. Mini Sessions will receive a guaranteed 15 edited images. All final images are chosen by your photographer and will include a print release.

If you wish to have a CD instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $5 fee for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your CD.

If you wish to have an USB instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $20 fee for the cost of the USB, and for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your USB.

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