Mini - Sessions

At Reed Through The Lens Photography we offer both themed mini sessions at certain times of the year or we offer non themed mini sessions on certain sessions.

A Mini-Session is a shorter version of my regular session. You also receive less images. Groups of over 5 people will have to book a full session. Session sharing is not permitted, additional fees will apply. Mini Sessions can only be used for certain sessions so please inquire with us today to see what is accepted and what is not. Here are some not accepted mini sessions, these will require full sessions to be booked. newborn sessions, bridals, Seniors, engagements, family, boudoir, weddings (Full sessions must be purchased for those)

These sessions are 15 minutes long and include 15 edited images. Mini Sessions are to be done within 10 miles of Jennings Only. We will not be offering travel outside of the 10 mile radius of Jennings, LA for this type of session.

These sessions are to be taken on a Monday through Thursday ONLY unless I am running a mini session day (meaning back to back sessions) on a Saturday or Sunday. Otherwise it will need to be taken on a Monday through Thursday.

If you are booking a mini session and have children. Please keep in mind the that your time frame will not be extended due to lack of cooperation. I usually place a timer on to keep track of time. We will capture what is taking place within that time frame.

Subjects that wear glasses, let's talk for a moment. I feel like if you wear glasses on a regular basis then you may not feel or look like yourself without them. So therefore I do recommend still wearing them and not talking them off, but sadly I can't edit out glares, reflections, or can't change the appearance of the blue light, or the dark lens transition feature on the eye glasses. If you have an image that you absolutely love, I can possibly try to send the image off to get corrected at an estimated cost of $20 per image at the cost of the clients expense. Keep reading.

Mini - Session(Non-themed) - 175.00

Themed mini sessions prices will depend on the set-up. Check out our facebook page throughout the year to see what themed mini-sessions are currently available!

My pricing reflects the education, the hours of learning and doing, along with the amount of experience it has taken me to be able to create consistent images. Not to mention that the price also reflects what we are experiencing as a whole. If you have purchased anything recently whether it be groceries or gas then you have noticed increasing in prices for everything. It only makes sense that us small businesses take measures that reflect the economy to stay afloat also. When looking for your photographer, don't worry about spending less worry about getting great, solid images because these will be around forever.
I love that I get to preserve the details and the memories so that they may be treasured for years to come by my clients and your families. Keep reading.

Please read below about our mini Sessions.

Mini sessions are short and sweet and only give us so many minutes of time to take photos. We are working in a limited time frame.

Please be on time! Please keep in mind if I am offering mini sessions on a weekend that your session is likely just before or just after another family’s session. Please plan accordingly, check the location and driving directions. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early, before your session time, ready to be photographed (meaning having your kids in their clothing, hair fixed, face wiped, etc) Sessions will be booked back to back so if you are late, you will only have the remaining time to complete your session which will result in even fewer images.) Your session time begins promptly at your scheduled time and will end 15 minutes later. Because sessions are scheduled back to back, I am not able to extend the length of your session in the event that you are not present or ready at your session start time.

These sessions are very fast paced, so please keep that in mind if you are hoping for milestone portraits of very young children (in other words, unpredictable little people!). I am not able to extend the length of a mini session if your little ones are uncooperative. (even when I really want to).

The retainer that was paid to hold your spot is non transferable, non refundable, no cash back value given, no exchanges for another photo session and no credit given.

When you arrive: I will likely be working with the client booked before you when you arrive. Please wait patiently until I am done.

Parking may be limited if these sessions are done in our studio. I currently drive a silver van. The first client can park behind me, then the next client can park on the side of me.

Keep in mind that mini sessions only give us 15 minutes of time together. If your child takes a while to warm up to new people a mini session may not be ideal for your family.


Can I bring extra outfits?

Only one outfit is allowed per mini session, as each session is exactly 10 minutes. Please make sure that clothing fits. If wearing straps please make sure that they fit, as we will not be responsible for falling straps in the photos. Need more time for outfits? Check our our full packages, which are 100% customized for you (and your family’s) style!

Can I purchase a mini session as a gift?

Absolutely! Photography is the perfect gift. Message us to purchase a gift certificate. Mini sessions make wonderful gifts. Note that gift certificates are non-refundable upon purchase.

If you booked a back to back mini session, meaning that there will be a specific date for minis and there will be someone in front of you and someone behind you.... Please make sure to read everything above on this link and also everything below.

Please pay the non refundable retainer. The retainer that will be paid is to hold your spot. This payment is non transferable, non refundable, no cash back value given, no exchanges for another photo session and no credit given. This amount will come off of your total so example if I collect a $75 retainer fee and your session is $150 then you will owe $75 the day of.

Please mark your calendars.

Please also mark down the rain out session date as well. This date will not be an option to move your date just because you want to, this will only be an option to move the date if we get rained out on the first date. But this date still needs to be written down to where you don't plan anything on this date for incase we need to move it due to rain. This back up date will NOT be used if we have good weather on the first date. I am making this clear because in the past someone wanted to move to the back up date and that is not an option just to move it..... It will only be used for back up only.

I will not have my cell phone on me, as I will be in a session.

If you arrive late, you may forfeit your session and loose any funds associated with the session. Refer above.......for more information about running late.

Please bring yourself bug spray if you use that, sometimes in the country bugs are bad. Please potty before you leave.

Sessions will only be 15 minutes. I sadly can not extend the session time. Refer above.... for more information about this.

Please click on the contract tab to read about our policy before booking.