Children Portraits can be taken in my all white studio if you prefer a simple, classic portrait experience. Location Jennings, LA or they can be taken outside at another location. My studio location does not have a good area for outdoors photos so the choice has to be one or the other.

Your children are growing so fast and can change so much in just a matter of a few months. Documenting your children every year or even every few years can help show just how much they are changing. Whether you're children are loosing teeth, getting braces and so much more, this can be captured in a beautiful professional way.

Subjects that wear glasses, let's talk for a moment. I feel like if you wear glasses on a regular basis then you may not feel or look like yourself without them. So therefore I do recommend still wearing them and not talking them off, but sadly I can't edit out glares, reflections, or can't change the appearance of the blue light, or the dark lens transition feature on the eye glasses. If you have an image that you absolutely love, I can possibly try to send the image off to get corrected at an estimated cost of $20 per image at the cost of the clients expense.

Below are a few reasons on why I love to do a studio session over an outdoor session. 

  1. Weather. Our lovely Louisiana weather has been more and more unpredictable every year. If you want to be sure that the date and time that you choose doesn’t need to be rescheduled (sometimes multiple times) for rainy weather, or a forecast that is unpredictable, or just because of the heat in general especially if considering or needing a summer date. Opting for a studio session means you get air conditioner, doesn't that sound great?! Your portraits are also done exactly when you plan for them despite of the weather conditions.
  2. It helps keep your babies close by without running away or wanting to run all over outside.
  3. What about your home? Consider what will look best on your walls. Do neutral colors flood your home? My bright and airy studio might be the perfect setting to have your portraits taken.
  4. Outdoor sessions we may fight with the heat, humidity and fighting with fly aways in women's/ girls hair, bugs, flush (red) faces from heat, sweating, sweat marks on clothing, etc.

Prices are subject to change without notice. All photo session locations will be within 10 miles of Jennings, Louisiana. If you choose to have your photos taken at a different location, the price will change according to the mileage and the travel time.

Each photo session will come with a guaranteed 25-30 edited images. Images will be delivered to you via email from an online downloadable gallery. I will email you your session and from the comfort of your own home, you can simply open the email, and download the link (choose high resolution) and have your images in front of you. Mini Sessions will receive a guaranteed 15 edited images. All final images are chosen by your photographer and will include a print release.

If you wish to have a CD instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $5 fee for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your CD.

If you wish to have an USB instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $20 fee for the cost of the USB, and for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your USB.

Children Portraits for ages 2 and up. - $200.00 if it is just one child, if you want to do all of your children together and individually $250

My pricing reflects the education, the hours of learning and doing, along with the amount of experience it has taken me to be able to create consistent images. Not to mention that the price also reflects what we are experiencing as a whole. If you have purchased anything recently whether it be groceries or gas then you have noticed increasing in prices for everything. It only makes sense that us small businesses take measures that reflect the economy to stay afloat also. When looking for your photographer, don't worry about spending less worry about getting great, solid images because these will be around forever.
I love that I get to preserve the details and the memories so that they may be treasured for years to come by my clients and your families.

Do you want to purchase a video add on for this session? Videos can be added on for an additional $400. I will need to know this ahead of time to prep for your video session.

Please click on the contract tab to read about our policy before booking.