Lifestyle Newborn

Lifestyle newborn sessions

A few samples of mom and baby, and dad and baby -

Mother and father of the newborn can join in on the lifestyle newborn session at no additional cost. I encourage mom to put on your neutral colored dress and to feel your best and to showcase you as a mother. Dresses on women are so classy. I encourage you to participate in the photos.

Can siblings join in? Absolutely they can! When adding other children to the photo session it does involve a little more effort and work from the photographer, therefore there is a fee for each child under the age of 6 to attend for a low cost of $25 per child. Children 6 or older, there is no fee.

Can I bring my indoor pet to the session? Yes if the pet is an indoor pet, and if it cooperates, if it doesn't cooperate that will be taking time away from your session time. There is a fee to add your fur baby at the low cost of $25

I don't wish to be in the photos, Can we get just the baby only? Absolutely!

My Studio - Located in Jennings, LA

Lifestyle Newborn - $325.00 for one baby, if twins the cost is $375

My pricing reflects the education, the hours of learning and doing, along with the amount of experience it has taken me to be able to create consistent images. Not to mention that the price also reflects what we are experiencing as a whole. If you have purchased anything recently whether it be groceries or gas then you have noticed increasing in prices for everything. It only makes sense that us small businesses take measures that reflect the economy to stay afloat also. When looking for your photographer, don't worry about spending less worry about getting great, solid images because these will be around forever.

I love that I get to preserve the details and the memories so that they may be treasured for years to come by my clients and your families.

Do you want to purchase a video add on for this session? Videos can be added on for an additional $400. I will need to know this ahead of time to prep for your video session.

The newborn lifestyle experience

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are held at our studio located in Jennings, Louisiana. These sessions can be offered in your home if your home has the perfect lighting (there is more information on this towards the end). Travel fees may apply. When thinking of lifestyle think of it as telling a story. I recommend mom and dad to both participate in the session. It tells the story of a mom and dad and your new baby in the first few days of your newborns life. These images are less about getting the baby in a perfect pose or wrap and more about capturing the baby in a more relaxed way. It is more like a document style session as opposed to bringing props or creating posed/staged images. We capture images of just baby as well as mom and dad with baby as well. If adding siblings to the session there is a small fee of $25 per child.

How to book your session -

Message me your tentative due date and we will pencil it in on our books. Typically newborn sessions are scheduled on a weekday. I use natural light so the timing of the sessions will either be 10 am, 11am, noon, 1pm, or 2pm. If you have other children that attend school that you want included in this session, there is the small fee of $25 per child and you may have to decide what you would like to do, as my weekend appointments are filled way in advance typically. When I am penciling in your due date, I am penciling in a weekday appointment slot for you because as mentioned my weekend spots are more than likely already filled with sessions. Even if you contact me way ahead of time I still can not pencil in a weekend if baby is not here yet, with there being no certainty on estimated due dates, I just can't keep a weekend spot penciled in if we do not know when baby will be here, weekends are just too popular. So again newborns are scheduled Monday through Friday from 10am till 2pm.

Due to the unpredictability of labor it's important that we stay in touch leading up to your big day! Once your newborn is born you will contact me (the sooner the better) so that I can check my schedule. Sessions are about an hour to an hour and a half long. The baby will typically determine the flow of the session. I would like to say that I try to include 25-30 emotion-filled images that truly tell your family's story, again the baby will typically determine the flow of the session and the amount of images that you will receive. The less changes of clothing or swaddles and the more images you may receive. The reason being that each change of clothing or swaddle does interrupt the baby, upsets the baby and does require time to get the baby back to relaxing mode. Please keep this in mind, that alone can take up quite some time to get them soothed again and unfortunately does count against your session time. I have photographed many babies plus had babies of my own and babies love to be completely snuggled so I recommend no outfits, I recommend solely using wraps. When babies are in outfits they are adorable but their arms and legs are may not snug as a bug which tends to wake them up and typically they are not happy lol see below an example.

What to wear?

When choosing colors for your outfits, I recommend selecting softer, lighter tones, neutrals and more muted shades. By avoiding ultra-bright, bold colors or black, it will help bring all the attention to your baby and to your faces.

Softer color palette. The camera loves shades of soft pink and muted blues, mixed with light neutrals like heather gray, creams, leather brown and whites. That softer color palette fits beautifully into almost all environments and can easily be paired in so many different ways.

Prepping your family. As you are coordinating your outfit with your family, keep in mind that your outfits will look the most cohesive on camera when the color palette and wardrobe coordinate, but don’t actually “match.” In fact, I recommend that you avoid thinking about “matching,” and instead think about what “fits” together.

Neutral tones help ensure accurate skin tones, without harsh and unnatural color casting.

Casual clothing is perfect and bare feet look more natural in a home setting. A light, neutral color maxi dress or a pretty gown will be comfortable and soft while you are cuddling with your new baby. For the baby I do recommend swaddles for the babies comfort.

What's included?

You will receive a mix of black and white, as well as soft color images. This session includes print release. You will also receive a sneak peek of your images via Facebook or Instagram for you to share with friends and family!

When booking this session with Reed Through The Lens Photography you will receive the babies milestone sessions (3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year) at a discounted rate of 175.00 per session (originally 200.00). If you have twins then the milestones will be $225. Milestone sessions includes just the baby.

Prices are subject to change without notice. All photo session locations will be within 10 miles of Jennings, Louisiana. If you choose to have your photos taken at your home, the price will change according to the mileage and the travel time.

Images will be delivered to you via email from an online downloadable gallery. I will email you your session and from the comfort of your own home, you can simply open the email, and download the link (choose high resolution) and have your images in front of you. All final images are chosen by your photographer and will include a print release.

Subjects that wear glasses, let's talk for a moment. I feel like if you wear glasses on a regular basis then you may not feel or look like yourself without them. So therefore I do recommend still wearing them and not talking them off, but sadly I can't edit out glares, reflections, or can't change the appearance of the blue light, or the dark lens transition feature on the eye glasses. If you have an image that you absolutely love, I can possibly try to send the image off to get corrected at an estimated cost of $20 per image at the cost of the clients expense.

If you wish to have a CD instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $5 fee for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your CD.

If you wish to have an USB instead of an online downloadable gallery. Please let me know and we can add an additional $20 fee for the cost of the USB, and for a shipping and handling fee for the mailing of your USB.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I get Penciled In!

I highly recommend booking your newborn session as early as three months prior to your approximate delivery date. Reach out to us with your estimate due date.

Birth Day!

Once you and baby have been giving the green light to go home, please contact me right away to schedule a definite date and time for your babies newborn lifestyle session. Sessions are typically scheduled within 14 days, following your release.

When scheduling the session the earlier the better.

Still need to come in after the 14 day mark? No worries but baby may be a little harder to keep soothed, if so, this can cut into your photography time.

Do I need to bring props?

I have these items available for the use of your session: For timing purposes of the session not every item will be used but I do have these things to pick from.

baby bassinet, antique iron baby bed, baskets, swaddles, blankets, white diaper covers, bonnets, hair bows. Everything needed for a successful session!

How to Prep for the session?

Babies do very well in the studio for posing when they are in a very deep sleep. To encourage this I highly recommend, stimulating the baby at least two hours before your scheduled arrival, a warm bath always does the trick. This also means keeping them awake during the car ride here and refrain from feeding 2 hours before arrival as well.

Once you arrive you will feed your baby right away, once burped, we will then start preparing him/her for their session, meaning any and all clothing must be taken off, except for the diaper. As you might know babies don’t like the feeling of being naked, they want to be warm and completely snuggled so I recommend no outfits, I recommend solely using wraps.

From experience, babies that have been asleep prior to their arrival are unfortunately the babies that are more difficult to pose because as soon as the blanket comes off, they get startled again and it’s back to trying to put them to sleep. That alone can take up quite some time to get them soothed again and unfortunately does count against your session time.

Keeping in mind these instructions should help with a smooth session.

Have a concern about sanitation? Don’t worry I wash all used props and blankets after each newborn session.

Please see the contract tab on the website. I do not edit baby acne, baby hair on the babies body and many more.

Bring a snack and a water for yourself and for all siblings attending the shoot.

If siblings are coming, bring some entertainment for them.

Bring at least one change of clothing, just in case any accidents happen.

Bring everything for changing and feeding the baby, including any special creams and products you use, lotions etc.

If the newborn has hair, bring a brush.

Bring any toys or props you would like to add into the photos.

If the baby is using the pacifier, bring that as well. It often helps soothe babies into the poses and facilitates getting them to sleep. If your baby is not used to a pacifier or you do not feel comfortable offering one, do not worry, it is not a must.

You can never know how a newborn photo session will go. Babies are pretty unpredictable models, but that is what makes them so adorable! Hopefully, these suggestions help you feel prepared and comfortable for your upcoming photo date. If you are still unsure about something, just ask.

If you are interested in an in home session, this part is for you! I may ask to see photos of your home such as living room space, master bedroom space, and nursery space. What I will be looking for is proper lighting and coloring in the home. If your home is a fit for my editing style then we will proceed. My style is bright and airy and if the location doesn't compliment my branding then I will offer the studio setting instead.

If an in home session is do-able, then the tips below will prep you on how to prepare for the session.

How to prepare:

Prep your home.

I will focus your session mainly in the master bedroom, living room, and the nursery, so spend some time cleaning up the space. This simply means removing items that aren’t necessary for your photos, or items you don’t want in your photos.

For master bedrooms. This can mean clearing off nightstands, removing phone chargers, taking laundry hampers out of the room, removing remotes etc. Arrange some flowers for decoration on your nightstands always look pretty and give a nice decor accent.

For nurseries. This can mean putting baby wipes in a drawer, taking down baby monitor cameras, and simplifying newborn accessories that may be laying around.

Please click on the contract tab to read about our policy before booking.